Celebration of Life 2013

Tell us about your child

Aka is a wonderful baby girl. She is doing well. Only thing is she has series of seizures. But I personally believe God for her healing. The good Lord is with her.

Tell us about the challenges you have faced due to your child’s illness

There are a lot of challenges, due to her conditions. She is solely dependant on me for everything. She cannot do anything on her own. There are a lot of challenges for me as a mother.

Tell us what it is like to have a child who is hospitalized and/or needs ongoing care

When one’s baby is hospitalized it is miserable and quite a challenge. As parents, your lives will never remain the same. You can never know what to expect, no money, no food, no family to encourage you, everything it seems there is no God.

How did For the Love of Grace assist you?

I don’t know For the Love of Grace, but during my years of pain and hurting of my two children hospitalized, later the one after six months at Children’s hospital passed away and my special needs baby (Aka) was at the hospital for six weeks and For the Love of Grace was there for me, cash, food and encouragement.

Did it help alleviate some stress?

Of course, yes, because they helped me financially, prayed for my family, provided food for my family and stand by me through those days. May God bless For the Love of Grace.

How is your family doing now?

To God be the glory. The light of God is shining in my family. God gave me another baby boy. Aka is out of the hospital and God is providing for my family.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

For the Love of Grace was there when I am facing darkness moving in my life. I pray that people will see the good work the organization is doing to help the families in need. My prayers go to Ms. Lisa and family and all the volunteers that also aupport me in prayers for total healing of my daughter Aka. I want her to be seizure free.

We the entire family of Chibueze’s were very happy for what the organization has done for my daughter on 9/9/12. When I saw the invitation (to the Celebration of Life held this fall) the tears of joy dropped from my eyes, for a little organization like For the Love of Grace to celebrate my daughter’s life. May God of heavens and Earth bless and reward you richly.