In July of 2014 we, as a board, decided to open up our funding to include heart and cancer patients as well as families whose children have recently passed away.  Originally we did not include these groups due to the amount of funding already available to heart and cancer patients and we were set up to help families who had a child currently in the hospital.  With the new changes we are now able to help all families who may need assistance.

We help families pay various types of debt incurred by the costs of medical treatment and also provide emotional support to these families during this difficult time. Rent, phone, electricity, and heat are just a few of the liabilities we assist with. We also help with the cost of medical equipment and travel expenses related to hospital visits. In addition, we pray for, provide meals to, and visit needy families. We also have outreaches such as painting days at the hospital, Christmas adoptions, and a Celebration of Life honoring the lives of the children we’ve been able to serve.

We currently work with the social work department at Children’s Hospital Colorado. They complete the screening process for us to determine which families are in need. We primarily assist families from the Denver Metro area, but will consider families from any location.