Dear Lisa,

For the Love of Grace has helped my life beyond words. My son has a terminal illnes and was in the hospital from 2/8 – 3/7. With that said I had to be there with him 24/7, no income or help from father. I was on the verge of eviction. Being under so much stress with the hospital stay and the stress of not knwing if we had a home to go to was the most horrible feeling. Your support relieved my worries so much! I appreciate every person involved in the organization, staff, volunteers and whom ever donates. I have included a thank you note. Please, please pass this on! I have never been this down and out and feeling so alone in my life! You have lifted such a weight off my shoulders! Again I can’t say thank you or show you how grateful I am. I hope that once this situation (financially) goes away I can give back as I used to be able to do! You are a special piece of my heart and I will never foget what you have done for myself but more importantly for my son!

Thank you!